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Community donations support Mount Nittany Health's COVID-19 response

"We cannot express our gratitude enough for the compassion and generosity of our community," shares Simon Corby, executive director, Mount Nittany Health Foundation. The COVID-19 response fund, to date, has raised $176,361.40, and Mount Nittany Health is putting these generous gifts to work.

In particular, the fund supported the conversion of two units at the Medical Center into dedicated COVID-19 units to expand our capacity to care for COVID-19 positive inpatients. This includes creating:

  • A temporary anteroom for each unit dedicated for staff to put on and remove personal protective gear

  • Sealing all doors into the unit, including elevator entrances

  • Creating a negative airflow environment

  • Continuous airflow monitoring

These converted units serve forty-five patients and augment our permanent isolation rooms. Creating these dedicated COVID-19 units offers an additional effective infection control measure to meet the demand for COVID-19 positive inpatients.

The fund also supported the cost of construction for dedicated COVID-19 test collection sites at the following Mount Nittany Health facilities:

  • Blue Course Drive

  • Boalsburg

  • Mifflin County

  • Mount Nittany Medical Center

These test collection sites allow staff to conduct the nasal swabs necessary to test for COVID-19 without the individual ever leaving their car. This limits COVID-19 exposure for both staff and the person being tested. These drive-thru testing sites are the national standard for testing excellence as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"I'm particularly proud of our lab technicians, phlebotomy and support staff, who made these test collection sites a reality. We've conducted over 16,000 tests for asymptomatic patients alone," shares Kristin Klinefelter, manager, laboratory services, Mount Nittany Medical Center. "The laboratory team worked tirelessly to expand testing to ensure the fastest test results possible. When we first started testing, we had three laboratory options, and now we have nine, including in-house testing.  This allows the staff the flexibility to determine the best and quickest option to receive COVID-19 test results," states Klinefelter.

The COVID-19 response fund was established to support the evolving needs of Mount Nittany Health during this pandemic. Mount Nittany Health continues to adapt and take enhanced measures to provide the care this community deserves, which is why the fund remains open. To learn more about the fund or make a gift, visit

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