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Do Mount Nittany Health have a plan for managing a pandemic?

Yes. Mount Nittany Health has a plan to manage a pandemic like COVID-19 . We have practiced this plan and are now executing on it to manage our resources effectively. This includes initiating a COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Team (CPRT), which meets regularly to plan on how we can meet the needs of our patients today while planning how to manage the potential of a dramatic increase of patient volumes in the future.​

  • We are also connecting with local, state and national partners, as well as our healthcare colleagues across the region and state. Decisions are made to protect our patients and staff while also doing our part to help contain rapidly progressing pandemic by:

  • Strictly adhering to infection & prevention control policies

  • Continuing the education of employees and staff

  • Rescheduling elective/non-essential services to ensure we have the supplies we need to take care of patients that need immediate care

  • Limiting the number of people in our facility through temporary visitor restrictions

  • Implementing screenings and temperature checks for anyone who enters Mount Nittany Health’s facilities

  • Extending masking requirements to patients and visitors at all Mount Nittany Health facilities


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